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Revitalized is a coaching and counseling practice that offers help for any inquiry related to  stress, burnout, career- or life issues.

My mission is to help people develop more self-awareness and to guide them to self-realization and personal growth.


By connecting with your inner-self during our conversations, you are stimulated to set things in motion. When life gets tough, there are always moments of disencouragement, loss, fear and overwhelmedness. Having someone you can talk to can help you see things clearer again, and help heal what's broken or find a solution for deeply rooted issues.
As a result, you will feel empowered and transformed.
You will feel revitalized

When could this be useful?

- When experiencing difficulties in achieving your goals 

- Sensing it's time to make some necessary transformations in life

- When wishing to explore and tackle sensitive topics with an unbiased professional

- At times where new perspectives may help you approach challenges from different angles

Contact me today for an initial get-to-know session with zero commitments.

As difficult as the road may seem, together we will make your successful transformation a reality.


Until soon,


Phone: 0474 79 69 21


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