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Coaching for personal growth

What is Coaching?

Career Coaching

You mainly achieve personal growth in the area of your work. Job satisfaction is of great importance in this regard.

Do you have questions about your career?

Do you wonder if there are other paths possible than the one you are walking now?

Thanks to my years of experience in recruitment & selection, I can help you address your toughest career dilemmas.

Talent interviews

Using Luk Dewulf's talent approach, I can help you map out your talents during a talent interview.

This conversation will put a smile on your face as you become aware of all the qualities you carry within you and what your potential holds.

The goal is to increase your self-awareness and -confidence and kickstart you in realizing your true potential.

In coaching, the goal is to work towards a specific goal or to address a specific issue through a step-based methodology and science-backed tools. Compared to  coaching, counselling is often more centered around rooting out inner obstacles and achieving inner peace.




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Get in touch for a free introductory session:
0474 79 69 21

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