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Counseling for personal growth

What is counseling?

As a counselor I treat people with a temporary psychosocial problem. I do this by helping them restore their inner balance by looking for answers deep within and healing what needs to be healed. As a result you will feel at ease, find 
inner peace and will achieve clearer outcomes. I help you to dig deeper by exploring feelings, thoughts and behavior.






Stress & burnout  

Our society and work and life-environment are moving at lightning speed. Sometimes it's almost impossible to keep track with everything and things can get quite tough. Stress is unfortunately a steady reality for many of us. With prolonged exposure, you can end up in a burnout without realizing it in time. There are many resources such as books, manuals, websites, etc.
What truly adds value, however, is someone who can relate to your experience and help you navigate this challenging period.

Together, we will overcome and revitalize.

Life issues  

Life can have a lot of challenges in store for us, unexpected obstacles on our path, expectations that are not fulfilled, sudden events with a severe impact. How do we deal with this? Sometimes we feel disencourged, depressed, powerless and we can no longer handle our problems ourselves. What really helps is to talk to someone who listens to you without any judgment, supports you, serves you new insights and empowers you to face any challenges head-on. Being able to face your vulnerabilities in a safe place, is a first step to addressing some of life's toughest issues. 

High Sensitivity (HSP)

You observe the world more vividly than others.  

You experience highs and lows very intensely.

You are extra sensitive to injustice and you have a remarkable sense of empathy.

You absorb a lot of stimuli and signals at the same time.

You often feel out of pace with others and are often told to "not take things so seriously".

Maybe you already observed this in yourself or not, but there is a chance that you are a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP).

As an experienced expert and certified coach and counselor, I am happy to help you leverage this unique quality as one of your key strenghts.

Get in touch for a free introductory session:
         0032 474 79 69 21

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