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My name is Anne-Marie, I'm an enthusiastic talent expert with a background in HR and corporate working environments. After extensive training and my own personal development process, I founded my own coaching and counseling practice. My mission is to increase your self-awareness, guiding you to personal growth. As a passionate counselor and coach, I am above all a people-person, quick to see your strengths. I enable you to leverage your full potential, and to live your life to the fullest.


Relevant education and background

Coaching & counseling formation at the Academy for Coaching & Counseling (ACC)

Formed in Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (Allegra) 

Formed in career coaching at the Coaching Atelier

Trained in Stress & Burn-out Coaching at Different (Dr. Luc Swinnen)

HSP Professional Training (Enya Hooyberghs)

Voluntary work CAW - psychological counseling of adults

+15 yrs of experience in international corporate HR environments as a Senior Recruitment Specialist

Transcendental Meditation - Advanced Practitioner

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